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Le Medi

Le Medi is a Dutch neighbourhood consisting of 93 dwellings in the Rotterdam district of Bospolder. The object of this housing development was to create a residential block with characteristics of Moroccan and Mediterranean dwellings that are in complete harmony with the contemporary needs of housing consumers in terms of both individuality and the design and interpretation of residential wishes. le_medi_09_big_ready It is the combined result of a well travelled architect, a local visionary with immigrant roots, and a growing urban demographic increasingly embracing global tastes and influences.



This a well-researched and beautifully presented study of the sculptural mud architecture of West Africa is stunning. These often beautiful buildings were designed and built by architects for kings and emperors, making the best of local materials and know-how.

Djenne Mosque

Built in 1907, the Great Mosque of Djenne in Mali is one of the wonders of African Mud Architecture. With superb adaptation to local conditions, this is the world's largest mud structure. Contrary to popular opinion, its design and construction method was locall developed and preceeded the Sahelian region's advance of Islam.