Luyanda Mpahlwa: We need to increase our level of appreciation for design

In this interview at the 2013 AZA Architecture Conference, Architect Luyanda Mpahlwa, principal and director of the Cape Town architectural firm Design Space Africa, discusses what he believes the future of architecture should be.

For Mpahlwa the biggest question is “how do we capture tomorrow, today?”. His answer to this lies in the idea of using simplicity in design: “Don’t complicate things; you can create brilliant designs with simplicity,” he says.

The 10 x 10 Low-Cost Housing Project demonstrates Mpahlwa’s design philosophy of undertaking projects that try to solve problems at a social level. The project aims to stimulate alternative solutions to housing and offers affordable, attractive and innovative responses to the urgent need to house the urban poor. Using sandbags, timber, wire mesh and cement, each house is both sustainable and eco-friendly.

He further tells us his vision is to develop a practice that roots itself in elevating African design and African-inspired design.

via @ Design Indaba


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